Welcome to Valbrown's Boston Terriers!

With more than 2 decades of experience with dogs, we felt it was about time to start our own kennel.

I've been living with dogs since I was 13. When I got old enough, I was able to achieve one of my desires by buying myself the dog of my dreams and from that moment this big love of mine, the Great Dane made my life complete. I've had Danes for over 12 years through them I became friends with owners and breeders who continue to teach, advise and help me up until today. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to be an active part of the mostly wonderful, but sometimes painful "dog life": taking part in shows, handling entrants, helping with mating dogs, or at giving birth, learning the basic "know-how".

For an overly long time (4 years), no dog was present in my life, but I knew that after you had a dog, you cannot live without them. As I was living in an apartment, I needed to focus my mind on smaller dogs, who would suit me with their temperament and looks. I liked the flat nose head types, but not their usual body frame, which, to me, completely lacks the elegance I love so much in Great Danes.

Then, finally, a caricature captured my sight: after a thorough examination of the standard and various sources on the internet through websites of European and American breeders, I realized I have found all that I was looking for and this special breed swept me off my feet. Since then I have a clear idea of what makes an ideal Boston Terrier.

Our very first dog, Becky was born in the Polish Jantarowa Chata kennel back in 2015. I still believe I couldn't have chosen better: she has a lovely personality and a great nervous system, is free of all kinds of aggression or fear, and has a natural, gentle interest in all kinds of dogs, animals and humans. She achieved excellent results in a very competitive field, but what makes me even happier is that all of her (for me) necessary test showed no health issues at all. It's a rare thing to have all you wanted in one dog!

When Becky arrived I made a wow: if she turns out to be the dog I dreamed of, I will give a chance of setting up our own kennel. And that's history now.

After the foundation in 2016, we are very hopeful that our story will continue on for a long time and the successes of the descendants will make us as proud and happy as does our kennel founder, Becky.